Confidential Access

 Staff Contact List 

Mr M Warren (Headteacher)

Mrs S Miller (Deputy Head)

Mrs J Stephenson (Deputy Head)

Ms K Chandler (Assistant Head)

Mrs S Inwood (Assistant Head) 

Miss S Jennings (Assistant Head)  

Mrs E Sykes (Assistant Head) 

Departments : please note that the Head of Department is shown in bold type

Art and Design & Photography

Mrs C Francis

Mrs E Bird (Maternity Leave)

Mrs T Hayhurst

Mrs A Page

Mrs B Rix

Miss A Sykes (Photography, Maternity Cover)

Business Education & Economics

Mr P Rock

Mrs E Dillon

Mrs L Smith


Dr A Gale

Miss L Abbiss

Design & Technology

Mrs L Dray

Mrs N Garcia

Mrs T Hayhurst

Mrs D Schillaci-Rowland


Miss L Mack

Mrs S Fehmi


Mr P Samways

Mrs C Burnett

Miss A Corbett

Miss S Culley

Miss L Garrett

Ms A Hobbs

Mrs P Somers

Mrs E Teal

Mr J Walker

Geography & Sociology

Mrs L Hyslop

Mrs J Fry

Miss A Stitson

Mrs E Sykes

Mrs A Worthy

History & Politics

Mrs E Carr

Miss L Catterall

Ms K Chandler

Mr J Ellis

Mrs S Inwood

Mr J Spurgeon

Mrs E Sykes


Mrs M Yates

Miss L Abbiss

Mrs C Ainge

Mrs L Bowman

Mrs J Davies

Mrs L Evenden

Miss A Haywood

Miss S Jennings

Mrs N Murphy

Miss G Price

Ms S Rowe

Mrs K Russ

Mrs M Tyner

Mrs C Watson

Mrs E Willett


Mrs R Rugg-Gunn

Mrs L Brambilla

Miss S Karim

Mrs S Lanka

Mrs S Malik

Ms R Marway

Miss K McCallum

Mrs K Share

Mrs J Stephenson


Mrs S Hetherington

Mrs F Jefferies

Physical Education

Mrs L Dann

Miss E Fentiman (Maternity Cover)

Mrs S Miller

Miss L Seaman (Maternity Leave)

Mrs N White


Mrs J Nicholls

Miss J Silver

Mrs K Simmonds (Health and Social Care)

Religious Education

Ms S Straw

Mrs K O’Malley

Mrs R Stewart


Mr J Reading (Head of Physics)

Mr P Bedwell

Mr T Britton

Ms M Coulson

Miss F Degnan

Miss M Evans

Mrs J Jermy

Miss A Lee

Miss B Richard(Head of Chemistry)

Mrs M Walsh(Head of Biology)

Mrs N Warburton