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The English Department - 2018-2019

The English Department at Presdales aims to teach all pupils of the school according to the requirements of the National Curriculum, using core texts and schemes of work prepared by the Department. We are committed to excellent achievement and have high expectations of all students. We work hard to review and develop the curriculum. We want our lessons to be challenging, enjoyable and accessible to all the pupils. We monitor the delivery of the curriculum and pupils progression and use assessment procedures at each Key Stage.

The Department aims to

• prepare pupils for public examinations
• encourage reading for pleasure and raise standards to allow full access to the curriculum
• to develop a student's critical awareness
• develop students' ability to communicate and express themselves accurately and fluently through spoken and written language
• teach information retrieval strategies for the purpose of study and the increase of knowledge
• develop each student's self confidence and ability to co-operate with others
• develop thought, inspire imagination, widen horizons and encourage broader perspectives on the students themselves and their world
• to examine the media and to understand how it influences our lives
• make the opportunities offered accessible to all pupils and free from ethnic, sexual, religious, political and other forms of bias.

Extra-curricular activities

• A KS3 English club
• In combination with the library we organise a separate reading club and paired reading programme for KS3 pupils
• Drama Club
• We offer numerous theatre visits and theatre companies visit the school. In addition there is an annual visit to the Globe Theatre
• Poets and authors visit the school.

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