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The Geography Department - 2018-2019

Departmental Vision

The Geography Department at Presdales School aims to instil awe and wonder in pupils about the beauty and power of our planet, throughout the key stages. This goes hand in hand with engendering a sense of stewardship and embedding a deep understanding of the necessity to preserve biodiversity through conservation. A balanced view is encouraged at all times and pupils are required to examine how humans’ needs can sometimes cause conflict and can degrade the environment if careful management of resources is not in place. Sustainable development is a core value and pupils are encouraged to participate in sustainable initiatives at all scales, local through to global. Learning outside of the classroom is viewed as essential and there are many opportunities for the pursuit of geographical enquiry. Geography pupils at Presdales School will accumulate an impressive array of skills, specifically geographic and generic to equip them for higher levels of study. The Presdales geographer has a broad mind, can comment on a range of human interactions with the planet, views the world as incredible and seeks to preserve all its treasures for future generations to enjoy.

Departmental Aims

Provide all pupils with a worthwhile educational experience through well-designed schemes of work and fieldwork wherever possible.

• Stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment of the Geography and world around us.
• Enable pupils to acquire understanding and knowledge of the concepts, theories and ideas involved in both physical and human geography.
• Encourage pupils to reflect on the impacts of their own actions and those of others, at a local and global scale.
• Encourage students to develop empathy and understanding of different views and perspectives associated with real life issues.
• Use current case studies wherever possible to promote Geography as a real life, relevant subject.
• Encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and encourage independent study.
• Ensure that we maintain high levels of achievement at all Key Stages.

Geography is taught by a team of specialist teachers which consists of Mrs Hyslop, Mrs Fry, Miss Stitson, Miss Fentiman and Miss Seaman.

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