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The History Department


Welcome to Presdales History department webpages. The History department is a team of expert historians with specialist interests in particular areas of History: Mrs Carr (Head of History), Miss Catterall, Ms Chandler, Mrs Inwood, Dr Ellis and Mr Spurgeon. All members of the department teach across the key stages, and lend their particular expertise to the design and delivery of a curriculum spanning ancient, medieval, and modern periods of History, and covering local, British and wider world topics.

Aims and vision

The History department aims to inspire all students with a fascination for the past. Through engaging students with the human experience of people in past times and cultures, we encourage students to develop a sense of their own identity and an ability to engage with issues from different perspectives.

We seek to create enquiring minds, equipped for the challenges of life in the 21st century. Students are taught to apply a process of historical enquiry and reasoning: forming hypotheses and analysing and evaluating evidence to reach and support independent conclusions. Learning in History focuses on establishing a secure foundation and framework of knowledge of the past and of history as a discipline. This includes how historians communicate their ideas and arguments, in spoken and written form. These skills are highly valued in all careers and walks of life, and thus our students are successful not only in examinations at school and in higher education, but also in the workplace.

As a department we offer a range of extracurricular activities which further develop students’ interest in and enjoyment of the subject. Residential trips to the Battlefields of the First World War (Year 9), Berlin (Year 10) and, bi-annually, to Washington DC (6th form) are very popular, and support students’ engagement with the lived past. Visits from speakers, including academics from Cambridge University and a Holocaust Survivor, help to enrich students’ experience within school. Our team of 6th form History prefects support the learning of students in the lower school and at GCSE through lunchtime sessions offering a range of activities, from support with particular historical skills to showing historical films linked to the curriculum.

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