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The Science Department - 2018-2019

Science is the pursuit of truth and knowledge for the good of all mankind.  (Also robots, jet packs, explosions, glow in the dark animals, strange smells and controlled explosions, they’re nice too.)

Welcome to the exciting world of Science at Presdales School.   Our aim is to encourage a fascination about the world around us.  You will learn to investigate and understand the beauty of nature using the scientific model and scientific theories.

All students will also receive a username and password so that they can access Doddle, an online teaching and assessment tool which

The Science department

The Head of Science and Physics is Mr J Reading.  If you have any problems with Physics or general enquiries regarding Science at Presdales then please feel free to contact me.

Mrs Walsh is the Head of Biology.  If you have any specific bother to do with Biology problems then she will be more than happy to help.  

Miss Richard is the Head of Chemistry, any conundrums about Chemistry then please contact her. 


We run a Science club for key stage 3 students, a Science clinic for all students and a greenhouse club for the green fingered individuals.  We have also organised for a number of students to do work experience at Glaxos in Ware and participated in a number of external events.  Recently we have competed in the annual Glide Challenge and Robot Rumble organised by MBDA in Stevenage, the annual Science Week competition at Glaxos and the Biology Olympiad.

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