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School Production - Treasure Island

Monday, 29 February 2016

It wasn’t so much Johnny Depp as Long John Silver when Treasure Island, adapted for stage by Stuart Patterson, was presented at Presdales on 25-27th February.

The school hall had been transformed to accommodate the villainous crew with ropes, Jolly Roger and an amazing parrot. Azaria Gayle was an engaging Jim Hawkins, there at every point to direct the audience’s moral compass, while Deborah Ogunbunmi was pure malevolence as the murderous Israel Hands. Marla Jackson, playing Dr. Livesey, embodied calm wisdom as straight man to Micaela Addison-Kemp’s Squire Trelawney, while Robert Scott simply became Long John Silver, the morally ambivalent pirate captain.

A confident chorus were in turn pirates, seagulls and waves, with imaginative choreography/staging supporting the transformations. West Country accents and original music, composed and performed by Molly Farrell and Naomi Harvey, helped to establish the setting- while a fine crop of pirate hats added a natty flourish to an enjoyable production.

Miss Boddy