Confidential Access

Our Ethos

Whole School Aims

Presdales School aims to promote:

  • individual fulfilment of potential and achievement of excellence
  • the belief that education rightly challenges people to exceed expectations
  • the expansion of interests through richness of opportunity
  • the development of a sense of initiative and leadership skills
  • good relations with the wider community and especially with parents whose support is invaluable to the educational process
  • a love of learning throughout life
  • the understanding of “What it is to be me” and, by extension, “What it is to be another”
  • sensitivity to the needs of others and the willingness to work as part of a team
  • ·the development of a social conscience through the experience of belonging to a community
  • ·the development of a sense of public service
  • ·respect for the environment
  • ·acknowledgement of the importance of  morality and the value of everyone
  • ·curiosity about the spiritual dimension and eagerness to explore this
  • ·the development of wisdom and the importance of vision
  • ·resilience in the face of life’s challenges