Confidential Access


Lost property is kept in a cupboard outside Mrs Dewbrey’s office. Lost property that is particularly valuable is kept in her office until the end of the school year and disposed of during the summer holidays. Lost PE Kits and trainers are kept by the PE department in the Sports Hall. Clothing, shoes and miscellaneous items are recycled at the end of each term. If your child has lost anything at school, please urge them to come to Mrs Dewbrey’s office and look for it before the end of term.

Named items are returned to their owners via a note in registers asking the students to come and collect the item from Mrs Dewbrey. However, we have recently had a huge increase in the amount of unnamed lost property. To reduce this, we would be grateful if you could please make sure items of clothing and other personal belongings (e.g. bags, pencil cases etc.) are named. PE kits should also be clearly named as we have lots of girls with the same initials and we can’t always locate their owners.

All students must be responsible and accountable for their own property at all times.