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Teaching at Presdales

Presdales is an exciting place to work because of its unique ethos and its committed students who are a delight to teach.

We have about 12 student teachers each year, either in the autumn or in the spring/summer terms. They learn their classroom technique with us and some are only too happy to apply for a teaching post if one becomes available.

There are usually 3 or 4 newly qualified teachers in any one year who are able to develop their teaching skills in an environment where students are cooperative and willing to work with teachers who are committed to sharing their expertise.

Other staff stay for many years continuing to develop as subject teachers and some choose to go down the route of wider responsibilities than those of a class teacher: these can be departmental or pastoral or whole school.

Many staff on their first visit are impressed by the maturity of our students. The development of individual responsibility and a sense of caring for others are very important to us, and this makes the school a genuine joy to teach in.

We are committed to provide opportunities for teachers to develop; this is valuable for the individual and valuable for students since they receive an enhanced education when teachers teach even better. There is a generous INSET budget so it is unusual for a request for external training to be declined but most staff feel able to develop by taking advantage of our school-based opportunities:

1. Carefully planned support for NQTs, including a subject mentor and an induction tutor who runs a programme tailored to NQT needs.

2. Professional development for middle leaders, including a Pastoral Away Day for heads of year.

3. Teaching and learning programmes each year (last year’s highlighted a number of different areas for development, such as “Managing Challenging Behaviour” and “Research-based INSET”).

4. Wherever possible, posts of responsibility are advertised internally so that staff here have opportunities to develop within the school.

5. There are numerous trips during the year, providing an opportunity for staff to interact with students outside the classroom and, in time, to take a leadership role if they wish. There are trips and linked visits across all areas of the curriculum and World Challenge Expeditions are an annual event.

Please read some case studies from individual teachers which give more insight into what it is like to teach in Presdales School. 

January 2016